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"Touch lives across the world through the message of salvation"

Craig Oliver Ministries introduced Fresh Manna with Pastor Craig Oliver to the world over five years ago with the mission of presenting a fresh message on a weekly basis. This mission has driven Fresh Manna to become a ministry that reaches over one million households each week throughout the country. What began as a locally known ministry has grown into a nationally broadcasted ministry because of the need to share a life transforming message to world.

The daily focus of Fresh Manna is to share God's Word through an expository and systematic approach that is relevant to all. It is understood that the world is bombarded each day with news that rarely educates and points lives in the right direction. Yet, we work to share a message that will both embrace those that are hurting and encourage those seeking to give up.

Join us as we continue to touch lives across the world through the message of salvation that compels us to ministry. For we know that with God's Word, once you Learn It, you will Love It and you will Live It. 

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